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Author Bio

Sallie Dawkins has a heart for helping others. She put college on hold to serve in the U.S. Air Force in the 1980s. She's a lifelong learner and enjoys research, discovery, teaching, and writing.

Sallie has lived in eight states and overseas but began having major health issues in her early 20s shortly after dedicating her life to Christ. A cancer diagnosis resulted in multiple surgeries. Chronic pain led to depression, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disorder, lupus, fibromyalgia, and more. By her early 40s, she was taking a dozen prescription medications per day. Still, doctors offered no hope for recovery, and her faith in God wavered. She wondered if God's miracles were limited to Bible times.

Sallie Dawkins took her questions to God. September 2015 was the beginning of the end of two-and-a-half decades of wavering faith when a heart-encounter with Father God challenged her entire belief system. It was a Luke 15 coming to her senses in more ways than one! Rapid transformation followed as the foundations of her faith aligned with scripture.

She shares her incredible journey in the brand new 3-part Awakening Christian Series. Each book contains testimonies, scripture, revelatory insights, practical tips, and prayers that direct the reader to God. Titles in this series include:

You Can Hear the Voice of God Through All Your Spiritual Senses, You Can Know the Heart of God for Your Life, and You Can Share the Love of God with Others.


Sallie believes it was the restoration of her relationship with God that fostered miraculous healing to her body, mind, and soul. Her testimony of supernatural spiritual growth and healing restores hope to Christians everywhere.


In 2018, she co-founded Firebrand United, LLC. Their products and services inspire Christians to cultivate a deeper relationship with God.

New titles for 2022 compliment The Awakening Christian Series or can be used as stand-alone resources: God's Promises of Abundance for Healing, Complete in Christ: Discovering Identity, Provision, and Purpose within God's Word, and God's Wisdom for Wealth: Flourishing in Family & Business, and Spirit World Truths from God's Word.


Sallie Dawkins is a first-generation born-again, Spirit-filled believer in Christ ordained as a Christian healing evangelist. She is passionate about seeing people healed and set free to enjoy abundant life in Christ and complete the mission God has for them on earth.