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Updated: May 2

Solid, Bible-based discipleship programs are lacking in many American churches. If you've read The Awakening Christian Series, you know that I struggled with identity and purpose for decades. Many Christians who come to salvation in Christ as adults share similar frustrations.

In 2015, when Father God challenged me to believe He is Who He says He is, my response only surprised one of us. I didn't really know Him. When I asked God to teach me, He said He would. Made in God's image (Genesis 1:27), He said I would also need to believe I am who He says I am. This encounter changed my life and was the beginning of a beautiful journey of discovery and healing.

What we believe about ourselves affects what we think we can achieve. All of life begins with God and flows from our relationship with Him as our Creator, Savior, and LORD. Complete in Christ: Discovering Identity, Provision, and Purpose within God's Word is an essential resource for Christian's seeking to know God more intimately.

Whether you're seeking to grow in your love of God, self, or others, God's Word is our guide. In Complete in Christ, you'll find over 1,000 scriptures indexed in over 130 categories to aid your journey of discovery. All scriptures quoted are from World English Bible (public domain). This book is comprised of Old Testament Scriptures, New Testament Scriptures, followed by a detailed Index including topics like: Beloved, Blessed, Child, Chosen, Covenant, Deliverer, Favor, Gifts, Glory, Inheritance, Loving, Name, Power, promise, Servant, Trust, and more!

The paperback version of Complete in Christ is formatted in a 13 point font making it easy to read in bed, on the go, or in the "throne room." It's a resource I'll use repeatedly, and I believe you will, too.

I pray you'll be blessed with this resource to experience a more significant revelation of God's attributes, promises, all-sufficiency, and His affections toward you.

PS If you find the book useful, please consider leaving a book review and referring the book to others. Thank you in advance!

Are you ready to discover your identity, provision, and purpose within God's Word?

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