God's Promises of Abundance for Healing

Updated: Apr 14

What does the Bible say about healing? Honestly, it's easy to get stuck in a rut praying, "by His stripes, you are healed" (Isaiah 53:5). That's a great Word of faith to stand on when we encounter pain, sickness or disease in our lives or the lives of others. Still, there are many others scriptures that offer wisdom for healing.

I didn't "write the book on healing," God did. Still, God led me to compile a book of over 800 healing scriptures from the World English Bible (public domain). The index includes over 70 different categories to assist readers in quickly locating relevant scriptures specific to healing spirit, soul, and body. Topics include Addiction, Anxiety, Breath, Confusion, Depression, Deafness, Disease, Fear, Fever, Heart, Heaviness, Infirmity, Iniquity, Joy, Life, Pain, Sleep, Strength, Wounds, and more!

You might be asking, "Why would I need a book of healing scriptures, if I have the Bible?" I know. I asked that question, too! Over the years, I've highlighted many healing scriptures in my Bible for quick reference when praying with others. The Bible is our instruction book for living life on this earth, and there are probably thousands of scriptures regarding health, healing, and wholeness covering every aspect of life. Still, compiling the hundreds of scriptures chosen for this book really built my faith. It strengthened my faith to read about the different ways God brought healing, creative miracles, and resurrection life through the old and new testaments.

God's Promises for Abundance of Healing is an indispensable resource for Christians eager to explore God's word on healing. This book is for lay Christians and Clergy alike. If you've read The Awakening Christian Series, you know my testimony. I experienced significant healing as God taught me to align my life with His Word. I believe what God did for me; He'll do for others.

The paperback version of God's Promises of Abundance for Healing is formatted in a 13 point font making it easy to read in bed, on the go, or in the "throne room." It's a resource I'll use repeatedly.

Just to be clear, this book will NOT teach you the foundational Kingdom principles for obtaining healing through prayer, declarations, or spiritual warfare. This book is NOT a teaching guide. Instead, I encourage readers to allow God to lead the teaching. If the scriptures seem to be "leaping off the page", it could be God wanting your attention- inviting you to ask Him how that particular verse might apply to your life or situation.

God's word is not new; it's eternal and never expires. Jesus healed everyone who came to Him. This is an essential resource for anyone in prayer ministry or healing and deliverance ministry. Dealing with the spiritual roots of disease allows us to live the life of abundance God has for for all His sons and daughters. I pray you'll be blessed with this resource to experience a more significant measure of health and healing.

PS If you found the book useful, please consider leaving a book review and referring the book to others. Thank you in advance!

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